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Life Interrupted

Fate interrupted Marc Miller’s life on a road that he had traveled for twenty years. Drowning in his grief, unable to move past the hole left in his soul, he found himself breaking the promise he made to his wife Katherine. One morning while nursing an ever-familiar hangover, his eyes landing on the calendar, he realized that an entire year had passed. It was time for him to keep his promise. He needed to put their ghosts to rest.


But fate stepped in again, only this time it was ghosts of the life he left behind long ago a life he had forgotten. A life he wanted no part of. A past that was now becoming a future, his future. A name that had been forgotten, until it interrupted his life, again.


Beckett Angelo is running for her life, heading to a place unknown, a place that would bring her a freedom she had never known. But fate had other plans for her, plans that were filled with a ghost from a life she once knew and would forever dream about. A ghost that kept her alive on a stretch of highway she had no business being on.

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Alison Hampton, Olympic Gold Medalist, suffered a great loss and tragedy, ending her career. For years, she struggled to even put her skates back on, but vowing to do what every doctor told her she would never do again, she was skating. One evening while on the ice, she tried the impossible, a triple axel. Her body was in perfect motion, doing what she had programmed it to do her whole life, but when she hit the ice, her leg buckled, sending her slamming into the boards.

Kameron Broker played amateur hockey with his friends. As he strolled through the bar above the rinks they played on, he happened to the window to see poetry in motion. When his eyes locked with the woman on the ice, everything changed for him. Everything changed for her.

She was full of fear. He had a broken heart. Together, they would learn to heal one another and to trust.

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High Country

McKayla Parrish (Mac) has lived in the rough world of men her whole life. The middle daughter of a rancher, she walked in her father’s footsteps. Riding since she was 10 years old, Mac knew she was born to be exactly who she was—the only woman to ride a bull for 18 seconds. Fighting every step of the way, she earned the respect of her peers, even though they secretly wanted her to ride them.

Derek Downing lived a solitary life with his young daughter on the Double D ranch. One afternoon at the rodeo, he saw something he never thought in his lifetime he would see—a beautiful blonde riding a bull in the ring and taking every man down who dared to ride against her. After a conversation with the beauty, his heart was gone.

Mac was used to men coming on to her, but when this man walked away without undressing her, without a side comment on how she would feel riding him, she was intrigued.

Derek was accustomed to running his ranch, taking care of his daughter, and losing himself during his weekly dates, but after catastrophe strikes, he’s ready to admit those dates might mean more to him than he realized.

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Echoed Heartbeats

Gwyn James lives a secret life of a world renown photographer. She started taking pictures at an early age, but they weren’t ordinary pictures. They were pictures documenting stories of abuse she and her sister suffered at the hands of their stepfather. With her monster of a stepfather now the Commissioner of Police, escaping his wrath has proven to be near impossible, made even more difficult since the Assistant District Attorney is her ex-fiancé but also one of his closest acquaintances.

Jaycen Ashford owns the fourth largest recording label in the country. Travel was his life, until he came home and found the love of his life in bed with another man. Trying to stop his world from spiraling out of control, he focused all of his anger and energy on his company.

But then he discovers a voice that would make the angels cry. He intercepts a horribly out of control moment, and although he saves the young woman with the beautiful voice, he finds himself caught in a situation unlike any he's ever seen before.

Together, they find themselves in a mad dash to keep her alive, finding within themselves that their love holds no time, and that learning to trust after such horrible betrayals is a battle they must fight together.

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Everything She Thought

Laney Melvin (Mel Cross as the world knows her), bestselling author, lost everything in a matter of seconds. Her whole life, her whole world was shattered. She locked herself away from life, away from people for nearly three years. As she reenters the world that made her a household name, she not only keeps her guard up, but she is keeping her heart locked up also.

Karl Hager (Aka Jon Anders) never thought he would be a date for hire. Completely disgusted with himself, he finds his way into a restaurant after yet another raunchy date, only to have his entire life changed. His dreams are altered by just a look across a room in a random hotel five hours from home.

A woman whose heart no longer beats.

A man who wants something more out of life.

They now find themselves a step away from the one thing neither of them believes exists.


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Lines Crossed

Joe Blackshaw has spent the last twenty years protecting and helping others with the family security company. Now, he's ready to enjoy a peaceful retirement. It's his time to decompress and figure out who he is, to stop being the job. 

Disappearing into the wilderness to find some kind of calm, something to help him make sense of the life he's lived, he finds something else. Someone else.

The line Joe crosses is a line he can never uncross. 

A line he can’t deny. 

A line he didn’t even see.

Veronica Holloway is running from an abusive relationship and a cheating fiancé. As she runs to the family cabin in the wilderness to find the courage to stand up to her senator father, she finds something else. Someone else. 

Dragged into a fight to save her life, Joe thinks he's lost it all while finding the one thing he never knew he should ever have.


Nash Houston hates secrets, but his life is surrounded by them. Losing everything to the best-kept secret. He is left devastated and broke, with nothing but his car and the lake house his parents left him when

they died. Retreating from society to the one place he felt safe. Forced to see himself as the true man he

has become, he vows to become the man his mother wanted him to be. He finds it to be the hardest thing he has ever accomplished. 

Emma Wilson aka Katie Summers has a mountain of secrets. Her secrets, however, are deadly, not only

for her but for anyone who gets close to her. Hidden away for most of her life, she keeps a low profile,

until her neighbor moves in. Fighting her natural instinct to stay away from him, she seems to be drawn to his familiarity. 

Nash and Emma discover a secret that explodes and has the potential to end more lives than their own. 

Join them on their journey to uncover the secrets, and discover a truth that takes them both by surprise.

Lyssa's Journey

Lyssa Dawn, Harvard Law school graduate. Growing up on a small farm she is the ultimate country girl. But Lyssa has an undeniable special ability to read people and to see things that no one else can see. Working in a small law firm in the big city just south of the small town she grew up in, she is sent on an errand to her best friend’s family ranch. The very ranch she spent her childhood on. There she discovers a tangled web of deceit that threatens her life.

Callen McCabe, (Buck) has been destroyed beyond repair, or at least he thinks. His life as a corporate raider ended when the woman he loved destroyed him and took him for everything she could. Leaving the financial world behind him, he assimilated into the Greenvale ranch as the ranch foreman. Living his life on his terms.

When an act of defiance on his part hurts Lyssa, she responds in kind, landing them both on a road full of deceit, deception and danger. 

Sometimes, love does happen at first sight. Neither of them believes it though. 

Within the Ashes

When tragedy strikes and takes everything you love and everything you lived for, what do you do? If you are New York Times Best Selling Author Becca Storm, you curl up and wait for death.

She thought there was nothing more she could possibly lose that mattered. That was, until even the words that used to flow from her fingertips like water also disappeared. Every word, every phrase, every ounce of creativity she once possessed was gone. Her mind was utterly void.

Unfortunately, she’s contracted for one more book and her publisher, and her fans, are waiting. What do you do when darkness is the only thing that draws you in? If you’re Becca Storm, you welcome the darkness and begin a story with a path more twisted, more haunting, and more frightening than anyone ever expected, and you hope for light at the end of it all. Especially when it’s your own story…


Jason Justice Rush, is no ordinary billionaire. He is leading a double life, both were inherited, both by blood. When his two lives are thrown together one night as an innocent motorcycle ride, turned into rape and murder, he turns to his best friend F.B.I. Special Agent Mike Harlow.

J. J., wants nothing more than to end his life as Justice, his inherited position as the leader of the most notorious motorcycle gang in Chicago. As well as his inherited life as J. J. Rush, C.E.O. and major stock holder of Rush Industries.

Wanting nothing but a quiet life, he is forced to help a beautiful young Cardiothoracic surgeon, Samantha Hamilton, who has fallen victim to the very gang he needs to destroy, the very gang he leads. 

Making himself her protector, trying to give her back her life to repay her for trying to save his grandfather, they find themselves in the middle of a sick and twisted plot to destroy them both.

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Winter Harbor

At 15 years old do you really know what love is? We think we do, and we never really forget the first boy we love, or the first girl. 

For Annabelle Montgomery, the boy who stole her heart was also the boy who destroyed any belief she had about love. Fifteen years have passed, and she is ready to leave the thoughts of what could have been, what should have been, behind her. 

Vaughn Michaels, a beautiful 19-year-old boy, fell in love with his best friend’s little sister. Out of fear, he allowed himself to be manipulated and ultimately destroyed her. Walking away ashamed, he went off to become a man he could be proud of. Only, when he returned to get the girl, she was gone.

After ten years of searching for her, he came to the conclusion that he would never find her. 

But one night on a stroll through the streets of Paris, the universe literally slammed them back into one another’s lives. The sparks fly, and the struggle to forgive begins. 

Can time heal wounds that mark the soul? Damage the heart? Annabelle Montgomery and Vaughn Michaels are about to find out. 

They say love knows no time or distance, and it certainly knows no reason.

Beautiful Liar

When living the lies of revenge become the truth.

Victoria Holmes, has sought revenge for her brother who was murdered. Going undercover and living the lies of revenge, brought her face to face with the very man she gave up her life to find. Only to discover that it was someone she loved and trusted. 

How do you live with the lies of revenge, when they become the truth of your life?

Paul Simon searched for the man who killed his wife and unborn child, bringing him into a world he shouldn’t have been. A world that made him a billionaire. A world where cut throat lies and deceit were all anyone knew. Only to discover that the lies he was told, led him to the one man he would never suspect. 

On the road to survival, Victoria and Paul, meet and neither of them is prepared for what happens when the sparks fly and the heat from the lies is burning them alive.

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Six Months

What happens to your life in Six Months?

Dr. Talloulah Harper has had one thing on her mind since she was 12 years old. To save her sister's life. 
On her journey to find the un-findable she finds something more than what she was looking for.

Maximillion Garrett is in a loveless relationship that he wants out of. But his mother and his ex aren't letting it end.

In the least expected place they happen upon each other and together they unlock the unthinkable.

Is this life ebook 2020.jpg
Is This Life

Jacob Aberdeen is looking for the one thing his money can’t buy.
Can he find it? Can he leave his arrogant attitude behind him to find what he is looking for?

Jake reached around her putting his hand over hers on the door handle. “Miss Caps,” he whispered, kissing her lightly, “If you don’t leave I am going to have to make love to you, and I really don’t want to do that in a hotel room.”

He didn’t think about what he was going to do he just did it. He reached up wrapping his hand around her neck and kissed her.

She didn’t pull away, she kissed him back taking his breath away. He felt her kiss through his whole body. Her hand came up to his and she hung onto him. 

Jake pulled away first. “Jesus,” he whispered. He just stood there look at her, his hand still on her neck, her hand still on his.

One Hundred Acres

When the world seems like the most dangerous place and the only thing you can do to survive is to remove yourself. Walking and living with your head down so it seems less scary is exactly how Loren Mitchell lived.

Until one day she looked up. The eyes looking at her started her heart racing. Fearing the feeling of being alive again, she turned away.

Discovering the woman you think you love has been unfaithful destroys your faith in love. For months Duke Reynolds has pined away for a woman who wasn’t worthy of his love.

Taking a break from his life to try and move on, he feels a strange pull to a woman he locks eyes with in a crowded restaurant. Unable to move he watches her walk out. 

Hours later he sees her again, on his father’s ranch. The mysterious woman walks out of his father’s house and into his life. 

Two broken people, with no trust left in their lives cross paths and find the one thing neither of them ever believed was possible.


For Assistant District Attorney Teresa Barnes, it was the end of a six month long investigation. Headed to the Grand Jury she was intercepted by the very man she was going after.

Blake Sully was not a man you crossed. He had his own past and his own agenda, and his name is Tate Miles.

In this dark underbelly of a world two lost souls meet by accident, on a dark, cold and wet night, who are very much Broken.

If they want to survive, they need to do the one thing neither of them can do.