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Life Interrupted


Fate interrupted Marc Miller’s life on a road that he had traveled for twenty years. Drowning in his grief, unable to move past the hole left in his soul, he found himself breaking the promise he made to his wife Katherine. One morning while nursing an ever-familiar hangover, his eyes landing on the calendar, he realized that an entire year had passed. It was time for him to keep his promise. He needed to put their ghosts to rest.


But fate stepped in again, only this time it was ghosts of the life he left behind long ago a life he had forgotten. A life he wanted no part of. A past that was now becoming a future, his future. A name that had been forgotten, until it interrupted his life, again.


Beckett Angelo is running for her life, heading to a place unknown, a place that would bring her a freedom she had never known. But fate had other plans for her, plans that were filled with a ghost from a life she once knew and would forever dream about. A ghost that kept her alive on a stretch of highway she had no business being on.




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